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As concerned citizens of Hot Springs, South Dakota we bring forth this website to inform the general public on the issue of closing, or moving the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Hot Springs.

As citizens of Hot Springs, we feel that our smaller town environment contributes greatly to the speedy recovery of our veterans.  Many conversations with past patients of our facilities, feel that they owe much to this town.  And they’ve enjoyed, and felt confident in their treatment here.

All the citizens of this great country owe much to our veterans.  This includes proper health care, much of which was promised by our government.

Closing or relocating the Veterans Administration facilities will highly affect our veterans in surrounding states.  Not only in greater traveling distances, but higher costs to them also.  This website will be available to these veterans, to not only voice their opinions, but to answer their questions.

Closing or relocating will also bring a great financial hardship to Fall River County, and the surrounding area.  School districts will suffer, property values will plummet, and businesses will close.

This website is also available for use for and by the community as a forum to better understand the community’s relationship with the VA Hospital and the South Dakota State Veterans Home.

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