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Our Spotlight Articles highlight different aspects of Save the VA's campaign to save, protect and expand the Hot Springs VA for our veterans.

Below is a list of current Spotlights. Click on the title to go to the article.

YOUR VOICE: Feedback and input from veterans and everyday Americans from around the United States about the VA.

SAILED TO BREAK: A group of Hot Springs teenagers recorded a tribute to the Save the VA effort. Check out the music video here!

NATIVE AMERICAN: Read how the closure would affect the veterans from South Dakota's reservations, particularly nearby Pine Ridge. Includes video from Oglala Sioux Tribe President Bryan Brewer as well as photos from the 2012 Veterans Pow-Wow.

PRESERVATION: Currently includes summary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation's actions toward the Battle Mountain Sanitarium. Will be updated soon with more information!

OTHER CLOSURES: Is the proposed closure of Hot Springs indicative of a long-standing trend of VA's abandonment of both the ones they serve and their own history? See how other communities faced and fared against proposed closures of their VAs.

VA RESPONSE: Read Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki's letters in response to inquiries by South Dakota, Wyoming and Nebraska Congressional delegates.

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