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We have heard from people from all over the country about our VA and why it should remain active. The following comments have been compiled from the change.org petition that was sent to the VA as a part of feedback, from Facebook and other social media, as well as in person. You want to add your voice to the others? Send us an email at savetheva@gmail.com or comment on our wall at www.facebook.com/SaveHotSprings.

"I was born in Hot Springs, SD.  I know the VA facility and the State Veterans Home and agree that it would be a waste of valuable resources and a disservice to all veterans if the Medical Center were to be closed." - Larry Rose, Van Nuys, CA

"About a year and a half ago, I hit a deer near Hot Springs and wrecked my car. I was 140 miles from home. A couple pulled to the side of the road and offered to let me stay with them for the night. It was one of the kindest things anyone ever did for me. They gave me a place to sleep, a place to shower, a good meal, and drove me to the mechanic the next day to get my car repaired. The husband had been laid off from his job about a year before, but the wife worked at the VA clinic. I would have to see her lose her job, and her family's only source of income." - Adam Ladwig, Devils Lake, ND

"I moved to Hot Springs because of the VA facilities here.  Now I cannot afford to move to be close to a VA facility.  I need this care here." - Doug Doffig, Hot Springs, SD

"Born and raised in Hot Springs, SD. Navy service 1970 to 1978.  Lost most of my hearing while serving.  Have used many different VA's since I got out.  Used Hot Springs VA from 1996 thru 2000. One of the top VA facilities I've had the pleasure of using compared to the bigger urban area ones I've had to use.  Keep the VA alive and well in Hot Springs, SD." - Jerald Rose, Mendenhall, MS

"This Hospital is the life and backbone to Hot Springs, this town will be a ghost town without it. And where will the vets go? I and my wife are both vets and we were thinking of retiring in Hot Springs because of the VA." - Leonard Dee Roberson, Forest Park, GA

"We need to honor those who served our country with the best health care available as close to where they live as possible." - Kenneth Baldwin, St. Louis, MO

"The VA is vital to the area. Veterans risked their lives for this country...the least we could do is provide a place for them to heal  physically, mentally, and spiritually. Let's save the VA, and save the town!" - Deana Roberts, Chadron, NE

"This action also seems to be in conflict with the policy of outreach to its rural veterans. Does the Left hand know what the right hand doing...seems to be a common practice with federal agencies." - Gregg Hanson, Norfolk, NE

"I began my 35 year VA career at the Hot Springs facility. Over those 35 years, I worked at seven different medical centers. I can guarantee you, veterans receive special care from the VA, who understands their issues. I have heard many, many complaints from veterans who were sent out to private facilities, where they were treated as if they had done nothing special for this country. People who have not served in the military do not understand the bond between our service members and the devoted VA employees who serve them." - Patricia Kehoe, Ingram, TX

"I am a veteran currently deployed on my 6th tour, been in the Army for 21 years. My dad goes to that VA and has never had an issue. I've been to a VA in Dallas, TX and vowed to never go back there! So the services they provide at the HS VA is great, i've only heard great reviews from Vets." - Paul Clyde, Denton, TX

"The VA system is already far away from many veterans. Closing any one is detrimental to veterans health care." Jodie Kelley, Belmont, NC

"It's the right thing to do. Stop abandoning our veterans." - Steve Connor, Moon Township, PA

"I am active duty Army, with several deployments down range. Both my parents have worked (or are working) at the VA in Hot Springs. This hospital is not only important for our veterans but for our civilians as well. Special thanks to all of our veterans for your service." - Rick Galeano, Monterey, CA

"As a retired service member I know the impact the VA systrem has on all former service personnel. Its a shame the government reduces these services when the need is so great. There are a lot of programs that can stand to be looked at long before they start messing with the ones for our returning heros." - Edward Kirkpatrick, Newport News, VA

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